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Anti Muslim smear

Muslim charities

Articles and Reports

Cornell University Poll: Uncharitable points of view
9/11 made Islamophobia not only more widespread
 but more mainstream and respectable

American Muslims group on foreign policy planning launched 
Guilty of 'Flying While Muslim'?
Three Muslim charities ordered to pay $156 million
to parents of teenager killed in Jerusalem bombing
Verdict described a travesty of Justice

UN seminar on Islamophobia:
Annan calls for end to negative stereotypes of Muslims

Ex-CIA official says: Islamic terror based on Quran
AMV cautions Muslims when shopping on Internet
ADC, MPAC join nationwide effort to expose possible illegal FBI JTTF spying
These days the safest thing for Muslims is to be less Muslim
Pentagon advisory group says: The US is losing the war of ideas in the Muslim world
Progressive Muslim Union launched in New York
Rights a victim of terror war, U.S. judge says
Groups, U.S. battle over 'global terrorist' label
Muslims in charity quandary
4 Muslims give $50K to Jersey City Medical Center
MPAC speaks out for charities
Charities, foundations issue antiterrorism principles
U.S. rejects Muslims' plea for 'approved' charities
Muslim charities in the US facing a climate of fear
Prop. 200 vote panics Mexican immigrants in Arizona

On USA PATRIOT Act’s third anniversary,
volume of anti-PATRIOT Act resolutions
dwarfs the Act itself

CAIR poll: 1-in-4 Americans holds anti-Muslim views....Negative images of Muslims far more prevalent than positive ones

Fishing expeditions that target Arabs and Muslims
U.S. targets visa violators in terror war
Colombia University study:
New York City Muslims growing closer since 9/11

Muslims in Canada
There is room in Canada for religious arbitration and secular law
Canadian Muslim denied entry into US
Probe in Canada over aired Arab slurs
Halt to Palestinians' deportations urged
Canadian Muslims struggle to maintain their values
Details of Arar torture could be sealed
Canadian police warned against release of Arar

Special Reports

Over 1,500 Gather to "Counter Religious & Political
 Extremism" at MPAC’s 4th Annual Convention

Arabs want reform, but not US help

OSCE to monitor anti-Semitism and Islamophobia
Islam shaping a new Europe
Europe's Muslim Question
Dutch filmmaker's murder stirs integration debate

Islamophobia makes British Muslims feel
 increasingly 'isolated' in their own country

Muslims and Christians: Breaking the Fast Together

Christian-Muslim dialogue in Washington, DC

New ACLU report documents devastating effects of post-9/11 deportations on immigrant communities and families

Amnesty International USA Study: Racial profiling under the guise of fighting terrorism

Muslim scholar resigns appointment to Notre Dame
Espositio: Tariq Ramadan's visa revocation
 against US national interest

Too scary for the classroom?
Western Muslims and the Future of Islam
 by Tariq Ramadan

What it means to be a Western Muslim?
Reinventing Islam in Europe: a profile of
Tariq Ramadan

Constant use of 'Islamist' overlooks real threats
U.S. Muslim groups decry Sept. 11 report input
9/11 Commission urges new strategy on Muslims
9/11 Commission report summary

CSIS study examines obstacles to democracy
 in the Muslim world
-  Islam is not an obstacle to democracy
- Western-backed army rulers held back democracy
- Support for authoritarian governments continues

Beware of Muslim Neo-Cons and Rand Robots
Comment on RAND Report by Dr. Siraj Mufti
No need to 'rebuild' Islam - understand it
Such arrogance: You can't pigeonhole 1.2 billion Muslims

Americanization of Islam:
Revamping of Islam in the image of neocons